Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Yesterday only four of my 6th year students came to class. Four courageous students who decided to face the downpour. Buenos Aires was a pool, but they came to their English class.

We decided not to be original and talked about the rain. Fede said he didn’t mind walking in the rain and told us why. (I’m not going to tell you why or give you any other interesting piece of information (gossip) provided in the class. You should have been there.)

The fact of staying in the rain and not running for shelter reminded me of a poem by Charles Bukowski called Rain. You can read it here.

by R.A.M.O.N.E..

He’s not Maxi. But if someone had taken a photo of him crossing 9 de Julio Av., he would have looked just like this.

Srayat! :p

d by Al- Fassam.

This could be a picture of the stairs leading to the ground floor at about 7pm.

So, what happened to the rest of you? Did you swim? Take a boat? What? And the ones who came, did you have problems to come back home? I did. There was no subway, only a few buses were running and the taxis had vanished.


Cecilia said...

Hello!! yesterday I really had the intention of going to the english class but it was impossible. It was 6:40 pm, I picked an umbrella and went out from home. I was walking to the bus stop and when I had done 2 blocks, the water was almost up to my knees. As you can imagine the umbrella didn't help at all, so I decided to come back home, and hope that on thursday won't rain like that again.

gabriela said...

Cecilia, you made a sensible decision.

Mariano said...

Gabriela, I had decided to go to my English class but when I got out of my flat y saw the terrible rain falling over the city for 2 hours so I could not escape from here. Now i´d try to do the writting I had promised you before See u tomorrow Mariano.

gabriela said...

Mariano remembers what he's promised.

What about the others? Will I ever get to know what your handwriting looks like?

Andrea said...


I have read the differente comment about my partners and I couldn`t go to the Institute. I decide to go home but the metro didn`t work and the bus was full of people. The worst thing was that I had to wait at least 2 hours in the bus stuckking in the traffic jump. I hope you seing you next thursday Andrea.

maria victoria - mavi said...

I was the only one who did the writing!... But It`s also true that I couldn't get to the class yesterday... I went out from work at 6.30 fighting with the rain, the wind and my umbrella but i got stucked in the corner of Paraguay and Suipacha until the rain stopped. In that moment i was really wet so I decided to go home in some way...

Anonymous said...

That night/afternoon I rested in my home but the rain was very hard! In my garden the water was a lot, and i didn't have internet or TV, I was so bored, and I listenned the radio, but dont' like very much.

Before rested in my house, I was in the street in the moment was start the rain, but in this moment rained just a cup of minutes.

See tomorrow

Fede said...

Hi people!...
maxi was terrible wet... and he didn't want to take his t-shirt off....(obviously he had an other shirt).:P
well, thank you gaby to put my name in the blog, and coment my idea about the rain...i appear on the net...YUHUUU!!!
remember that we were only four guys...jajaja...
have all of you a nice weekend, and i'll see you, on tuesday.