Sunday, 29 April 2007


I don’t believe cards have the ability to foretell future, but I like the drawings in tarot cards.

I particularly like the card decks designed by Xul Solar, an Argentine painter I admire. I couldn’t find his cards online, but I found an article from The New York Times about an exhibition here at the MALBA a couple of years ago. I saw it and it was great. Xul Solar worked mostly with watercolour, he was a master. He used very bright and he created a whole universe. Here you can read an article about his work written by a Canadian blogger.

Have you ever seen his paintings? If you haven't, you can visit an online collection.

You can also visit an amazing Tarot Garden in Italy. Click on the arrows to see all the scuptures. Do you like them?

Have a look at this card, The Hanged man, what do you think?

arot: the hanged man
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