Sunday, 6 May 2007

Is your vote your own voice?

According to an article written by Allyn Jackson published in the American Mathematical Society website, voting is not the fairest way to come to decisions.
The mathematician Donald Saari proved that it is possible to make voters approve of one option over the other until they choose the desired one.

Read the article, it is not difficult to read; just use the logical side of your brain.

Your Vote IS Your Voice
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Acknowledgement: I first read this article in Adrian Paenza's book "Mathemática, ¿estás ahí?" (Siglo XXI Editores Argentina S.A., 2005), a book I highly recommend, especially to those (like me) who have always hated Maths because you have always thought that it was only about numbers.

Even though mathematics can prove our decisions may be biased, I still think voting is a tool to make our voice heard. Not the only one, though.
What do you think?

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