Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Will, will, will

My students don’t believe will can be used to talk about the present: typical behaviour, annoying habits. They will accuse me of having made this up just to prevent them from being happy. They will complain about the English language being so economical. They will state this is misleading. They will claim this is impossible to understand. They will refuse to use it. They will declare they have been taught will is used to talk about the future.

The burden of proof is on me. You can read this post about annoying habits at work and, above all, read the comments; (especially what Debbie, Sam and anomanuss wrote). You’ll (this time: future) see will IS used for the present. Accept the reality.

Overwhelmed by tenses in English? Study Hopi. According to Whorf (The Sapir-Worph hypothesis: language shapes thought), the Hopi language does not distinguish between past, present or future!!!

Will (What’s this "will"?) you use will in the comments?

Warning: If you are an intermediate or pre-intermediate student, please forget this post right now.


maximomathe said...

i will better do my homework as a good student!

i will, i will, i will.

little by little i am getting it.

Gabriela Sellart said...

"i will, i will, i will"
that's a promise