Friday, 10 August 2007

Eating Habits

Students from two different groups decided to make their childhood eating habits public.

Believe it or not.

MA assured us she once ate a dragonfly and admitted that she can still eat all kinds of bugs.

Not only MZ but all her brothers and sisters would eat the ants they found around the pool. She assured us they were tasteless.

FS would eat those bugs that roll themselves into a ball. I don't remember whether he claimed they were tasty or not.

LF and his friends chewed tar when they were out of chewing gum. He regarded tar as tasty and tried to convince us to try some.

LM loved eating paper. Surprisingly, everybody agreed that paper-eating was a common habit.

And last, but not least, LM (just mentioned above) used to eat…the wall. Yes, no typing mistake here. He ate the wall.His classmates even discussed what the better way to eat a wall was; the nose seemed to be a problem. My experienced student gave us some advice on how to eat walls comfortably.

Did you use to eat special food when you were a child? And what about now?

Dragonfly on top of Shuttle Originally uploaded by Irish Typepad
Ants eating pollen Originally uploaded by Bill Hails
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María said...

People in some countries eat unusual food. And in my opinion it is disgusting! I would never eat insect!


Gabriela Sellart said...

But, María, my students are Argentine.
I wouldn't eat insects, either. But I've eaten snails.