Tuesday, 19 June 2007


And above all... Think Chocolate!
Betty Crocker

Rumour has it that one of my students is a chocoholic (you know, addicted to chocolate) I will not reveal her or his name, but I’m sure some of you are thinking right now: it’s me!

I’ve done a quick research and found out the web is full of chocolate lovers.

  • Here you can find recipes.
  • This is club which offers you a chocoholic certificate saying that people should understand if you are not ready to share your chocolate.
  • Unbelievable! A chocoholic tour in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Confessions of a chocoholic, a very funny story

How much chocolate do you eat? Are you a chocoholic?

Which question would you ask to know if a person can be considered a chocoholic?

PHOTO: Eating chocolate
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Ana said...

That's a very nice picture,
I like chocolate too,
but I'm not an chocoholic.
I like white chocolate
more than black chocolate.
I like chocolate ice-cream too.


Anonymous said...

i like chocolate. but i am not a chocoholic xD

magui said...

hi! I am Magui, your student.
I like the chocolate, but i am not addicted.
when i was a child i was eating chocolate every day, but now I prefer another food, for example: a cookis or a cake.
The best chocolete is a plain chocolate

see you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

mmm.. I like chocolate..all the cholocate.
But I love chocolate with dulce de leche. jeje
bye bye..


Anonymous said...

mmm..I like chocolate.. all chocolate..
But I love chocolate with dulce de leche.


ariel said...

I don't like chocolate. If there are chocolate to eat, I'll eat. But I prefer other things.

See you ;D