Sunday, 16 September 2007

Active Student

Last week somebody wanted to know who the designer of "Puente de la Mujer" in Puerto Madero (BA, Argentina) was. Some of the students in the group assumed Leo had that information; well, he didn't. However, the following day he sent us an email enlightening our limited knowledge.

This is his email:

As I promised you, the designer of Puente de la Mujer in Puerto Madero
is Santiago Calatrava. He also has some paintings, sculptures and
more information at:


Thanks a lot Leo, we know you keep your promises. (I guess nobody but me has thanked him.)

Another active student (much younger, but with a blogger profile) posted two short articles on Puerto Madero. You can have a look here and here.

I didn't download this picture from Flickr this time. It's also there, though. I'm the artist this time. The boy on the run is my husband's grandson happily crossing the bridge on a wonderful spring day last year.

What about...
You: Thanks, Leo.
Leo: You're welcome.

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Mariel said...

gabriella, I thinck that the "puente de la mujer" is a beautinful presents for evrybody special for the womens jeje. But I don't anderstand the "modern form" of the puente.

If you don't know who is the "puente de la mujer" you can watch it in LALOLA because they always film the soapopera near the puente. I have to go bacause my brother need my help in english jeje (extrange MY help)


Gabriela Sellart said...

so you help your brother with his homework. Good! you're making progress

The Count said...

I know that boy! He's family's joy.

I've reading mariel's post and I inmidiatelly search in Internet about "El puente de la mujer" (women's bridge) and I've found an article about it. I've pasted to my blog too 'cause was very interesting know about it.

The article is here:

Greetings to readers Gabriela's blog.


Julio Anguita

Gabriela Sellart said...

This is a real surprise, Julio. I didn't know you could speak (well, write at least)English sooo well.

The Count said...

I finised my Intermediate 1 at ICANA, last year and I begun Intermediate 2 and I didn't finished it 'cause I didn´t like my teacher. My work helped a little bit too, finishing the year.
My company send me to improve my english because I work at Indian company and sometimes I've to speak to foreign people. I didn't speak very fluently, but the basics I can speak.

Greetings !!!