Wednesday, 24 October 2007

From Spain

Ana Concejero is a teacher of English from Malaga, Spain. I met her in Edublogger World.

Have a look at what she has written about this blog and about Taking it Further. I'd really like you to visit her and write your comments, you can write in Spanish. If you feel like practising your English, have a look at this other post; it's worth reading it and watching the video. Write down your thoughts there too; this time in English.

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Anonymous said...

A salute to ana


Ana Concejero said...

Hello!happy to be here.You´re very welcome whenever you want to pay me a visit.From now on, I´ll keep in touch with you,I like when you write about you favourite photo, your favourite pictures or about Recoleta Cemetery..I´ve talked to my students about you and your blog,maybe we could do something together in a near future!

Ariel said...

Hi! Nice to meet you Ana. Tell us about your country and your students in Spain!