Monday, 12 November 2007

Moonlit Knight

I know you should be studying, preparing your exams. However, I'm here to interrupt you. I have been playing with quizzes.
A private student asked me to work with a song by Genesis, a group I used to love when I was a teen. Here's a video, Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, Peter Gabriel is singing.


It's a song full of metaphors. Here you can read an interesting analysis and you can tell me in your own words what you think, does it sound too old?


Jaime said...

I love this song, and I love all Selling England by the pound.

Peter Gabriel passion.
Phil Collins... as drummer is very good, but not as leader of the band.

Gabriela Sellart said...

I absolutely agree with you.

quique said...

Yes, yes, yes. Genesis with Peter was the best progressive rock band!

A friend.

Gabriela Sellart said...

Hi Enrique, just for you to know,the first comment was written by a 15 year old boy!
I see you signed using your rocker id.

quique said...

Chico listo. I like that: "rocker ID", jeje.

Don't forget Gentle Giant!

Gabriela Sellart said...

I don't. And for example I don't forget thiseither.

quique said...

A marvel. I have enough of them in house; is one of my favorites. And in "rocker blog" also!